Clearance Models - Listed by Airline: The models listed on this page are all in mint condition models unless otherwise noted. Prices are only good on this page and may be combined with any current order for shipping purposes. No items on this list are returnable for refund. If returned for exchange or credit they will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

1:100 Continental 737-800w wood stand #G9610W $94.90 (normally $145)

1:200 ANA 747-400 Pokemon #BBox8962 $125.00
1:200 ANA 767-300 Marine #dJC2ana821 $58.90
1:200 Cathay Pacific 747-200 Hong Kong #BBOX1114 $119.00
1:200 Delta 737-200 interim #AV27370413P $38.90
1:200 Pan American DC-3 #HL1301 $37.90

1:400 Braniff Bac-111 orange #JC4308 $17.90
1:400 EVA Air A321 #dPH1078 $31.90
1:400 Lufthansa A320-200 #dPHLU005 $27.90
1:400 South African 737-800 Alliance #W738020 $22.90
1:400 USAir SH-360 #GJusa967 $17.90

1:500 Aeroflot Cargo MD-11 #523653 $20.90

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